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This face...

happy musician.gif

This is why we play music. 

Because we want to make this face.

We want to feel things, like…

  • The JOY of making beautiful music

  • The EASE that comes with having well-trained fingers

  • The RELEASE that comes from expressing yourself through music


Unfortunately... most music lessons for adult amateurs are more likely to have you making this face instead…


Most music teachers will assign scales, etudes, and repertoire to ALL their students, just like they would to classical music majors looking to perform professionally.  Of COURSE they do!  It’s the only thing they know!


This makes their adult students’ progress…

  • Slow

  • Boring

  • Oh, and did I say BORING!?

But not me...

I've gone rogue.

going rogue.gif

I think that adult students who want to play just for the sheer joy of making music deserve special treatment and their own unique curriculum designed to maximize FUN while still developing valuable musical skills.


All so YOU can make that face.  


And I mean the good face, not the one where you bang your head against a piano… Just to be clear :) 

In my course, SongFoolery: Success Through Shenanigans, I teach you just enough music theory so you can have a TON of fun playing your instrument, but not so much music theory that your eyes dry up and your love of music shrivels.


AND we learn it all in the absolute FUNNEST way possible.


Think of it as being a bit like school, but only with your favorite teacher, AND half of the day is recess!


Musical Playground.png

We learn real, full-on music theory concepts that will allow you to jam with friends, improvise, cover your favorite songs, and even record your own album.  


And we have so much fun, you won’t realize you’re doing “the hard stuff,” because it won’t feel hard!


When you sign up for the course, here’s EXACTLY what you’ll get…

  • 24 LIVE classes with me and your fellow musicians!

  • 48 RECORDED mini lessons and playlists to help develop your aural repertoire that you can do any time, anywhere!

  • 24 IN-PERSON Office Hours for you to get feedback and answers to all your questions!

  • Weekly VIDEO FEEDBACK for anyone who wants extra tips or can't make the live calls!

  • TONS of recorded elements you can jam with AND use to make your own musical projects!  Don’t worry!  I’ll show you how :) 

  • SO many printables, practice plans, and cheat sheets to help you apply what you've learned that I lost count!



Everyone gets print-a-bles!

Seriously... there are SO MANY printables that even I don’t know how many there will be by the time the class is over.  That’s because I make new ones as we go along when my students have questions or genius ideas!


Here are just SOME of the extras you'll get:

  • Level Up your Note-Reading Mini Course

  • How to play ANY instrument PDF

  • Instrument Fact Sheet PDF

  • Fun-First Practice Philosophy and Re-usable Calendar PDF

  • Scales and Pitch Collections in All Keys PDFs

  • Music Notation Cheat Sheet PDF

  • Chord Progression Cheat Sheet PDF

  • How to Record Your Own Music Mini Course

  • Printable Music Flashcards PDF

  • Music Games and Puzzles Pack PDF

  • And SO MUCH MORE!  


The class starts the week of January 15th, BUT…

If you sign up early,

you'll get


to help tide you over…

Anyone who signs up BEFORE DECEMBER 15th gets a bonus 60-minute 1-ON-1 SESSION with me to use at any time during the course!


If you sign up in NOVEMBER, you’ll also get…

  • Early Access to the Level-Up Your Note-Reading Mini Course

  • Early Access to the Fun-First Practice Philosophy

  • Creative Musical Missions to keep you entertained until class starts

  • All the December bonuses!


If you sign up in DECEMBER, you’ll also get…

  • Free Access to my 3-Day DIY Musical Holiday Card Masterclass (Everyone else has to pay extra)

  • Bonus DIY Musical Holiday Card Help Session JUST for class members

  • Holiday Music Games and Puzzles Pack


This course is for you if...

  • You know how to play at least one scale on your instrument

  • You already rock at your instrument, but you want to expand your understanding of music as a whole

  • You want a fun and easy way to remix the skills you already have to make great music

  • You want to explore lots of musical styles

  • You want to develop your own signature sound

  • You want to be able to jam with friends

  • You want to try creating your own music

  • You prefer shenanigans to scales


This course is NOT for you if...

  • You only want to play scales, etudes, and standard repertoire

  • You want to sound like [Insert famous person who plays your instrument]

  • You only want to play classical music

  • You have no interest in creating your own music

  • You're not interested in how music works 

  • You don't want to learn to improvise

  • You hate computers (this course takes place on Zoom)

  • You prefer scales to shenanigans


If you’re still not sure if this course is for you, email me at



and we’ll figure it out together! 


I promise I will NEVER recommend that you take my course if I don’t think it will help you AND be really really FUN for you.


Click here to join the waitlist!

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