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Start music school off right with a 

Music Major Prep Course!

Next Session Starts May 7th!

Knowing a few tips and tricks BEFORE you start music school can help you find your dream career, ace your auditions, and keep you from taking costly remedial classes. You need to know…

In this course you'll learn...

  • The Music Theory skills you need to ACE your entrance exam (and save BIG $$$)

  • How to find a music school that’s PERFECT for you

  • Tips and tricks to ROCK your auditions

  • The behind-the-scenes details of life as a professional musician

  • How money works in college

  • How to practice like a pro

  • How to stay healthy and happy while in music school

  • How to develop your ears so you can be a musical superhero

  • How to navigate tricky college campuses inside and out of the music department

Here's What you'll get!

12 weeks of live virtual classes with three-time music major,

worker of nearly EVERY music job imaginable, and

college professor extraordinaire Dr. Ginny Tutton

**The course meets LIVE on Tuesdays at 4:30pm Central Time, BUT

Don't worry if you can't make it live! 

You'll get a video replay to watch whenever it's convenient for you

AND I'll still answer all your questions!



Week 0: Welcome & What to Expect

Week 1: Scales & Jobs

Week 2: Writing Pitches and Finding Schools

Week 3: Auditions and Money

Week 4: Practicing and Musicians' Health

Week 5: Key Signatures and the Circle of Fifths

Week 6: Labeling Notes and Aural Skills

Week 7: Rhythms in Simple Time

Week 8: Rhythms in Compound Time

Week 9: Intervals

Week 10: Triads

Week 11: College 101: The Music Department

Week 12: College 101: The Rest of Campus


Over 50 pages of practice plans, cheat sheets, worksheets, and sheet music

39 sets of flashcards and exercises to give you plenty of hands-on practice

If this sounds like A LOT, it is!  But you can do it in just 4 hours a week!

Ways to get your money's worth
from this course...

  • Avoid taking remedial theory classes ($1,700)

  • Avoid taking an extra year of school ($8,824)

  • Find out if you actually WANT to work as a musician before you start school ($17,648)

  • Learn to navigate college finances, including asking for scholarship $$  (priceless)

You get all this for $397!

If you have any questions about if this course is right for you, email me at ginny.tutton(at) or use the form linked below!  We can chat via email or set up a Zoom.  I’m always happy to help!

Payment plans are available.

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