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Hello! And Welcome to SongFoolery!

A gameshow that's all about MUSIC and SHENANIGANS

Do you sing,
play an instrument,
or play Spotify!?

People Playing Music
Sixteenth Note
Eighth Notes
Eighth Note

If you love music, and you love shenanigans,

You're in the right place!

Ginny Tutton Headshot

At SongFoolery,

We make fun music,
music funny,
and put the
FUN in
music fundamentals!

Wanna have some fun!?

Guitar Player

Do any of these strike a chord with you!?

  • Ever felt bored with music lessons, even though you want to love them?

  • Ever regret quitting piano, or guitar, or band, or orchestra, or

  • Ever wondered if you're a good musician?

  • Ever wondered how old is "too old" to pick up a new instrument!?


If these ring a bell, then hold on to your fermatas, because I'm about to blow your mind!

Fermata hold it right there

There is a different way to approach music that prioritizes fun over fretting, puns over perfection, and happiness over harping on yourself!

That way is to PLAY *with* music in the funnest sense of the word.  Play with music like a dog plays with a trombone and a cat plays with strings!

Animals playing instruments
Time Signature It's time

You can orchestrate a music practice that is fun, creative, and relaxing!  Something you look 4/4-ward to every day!

Drum Set

If you're ready to
toot your own horn,
march to the beat of your own drum,
and sing your own special song...

Sign up for my FREE Email Mini Course!

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